Edith Wallace – West Coast Canadian Songcrafter and Storyteller.

I’m heading south for my Spring Tour!   Follow along on my journey through this remarkable land, connecting with wonderful people and sharing stories as I go.

Michigan 2017

North West Michigan Tour


Michigan. Lovely, beautiful Michigan. Spring has arrived. I have been gifted the use of this wonderful, very old cabin, for the week. I have time to write, wander about in marshes, and just appreciate fine people.

I have been through a Minnesota ice storm…there has to be a song in that.

Tonight was an evening of song in a song circle…we all, women of a certain age, here at the cabin. A beautiful ending to a great day.

Beautiful wooden cabin with morning light streaming in.
Beautiful wooden cabin with morning light streaming in.



Rocky Mountains covered in snow

Above is a picture captured coming through the Kicking Horse Pass as I crossed the natural barrier between British Columbia and Alberta, Canada.    Onwards!

Here’s a song that comes to mind when in such a place.

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